The typical new restaurant and café model of sign a lease and hang your shingle with a commitment to location, location, location seems to be out the window, whether it’s the economy or youthful restlessness, would-be restauranteurs across America have taken their love of food and their culinary act on the road!  Across the nation a category reserved for ice cream, and tacos; carts, bikes, trailers and catering trucks have become the kitchen of choice. A menu of these stories will result in a tasty travel guide of America’s regional cuisine redefining locavore. Some of the best local, artisanal, ethnic, organic, seasonal or just plain damn good food is on the roll and homegrown, so join Truckilicious across America and... let’s eat!

TV time

Papi’s Kitchen Club

Papi, a stay-at-home dad and caterer, has an elite task force of hi-tech neighborhood kids who love to cook, eat and Tweet.  The bilingual Team P.K.C. thrive on a great challenge, hip music, social networking and adventure that inspire great cuisine from around the world, bringing it all home to Papi’s Kitchen.  Each week’s episode will be a culinary scavenger hunt for all the stories behind a recipe and the modern-day Tweens will use all the technology they can muster to find every ingredient, craft, healthy attribute and cultural story behind the glory of the meal.  This project has been a long time coming, is close to my heart and will give adolescent Americans a community were good food, healthy living and having fun in the kitchen is cool!

My passion for food, community and family is a story I have to tell...

I remember some advice I had received in my life: When telling a story or choosing a path be true to yourself; speak from experience.  My former employer and now culinary colleague, Alice Waters, once spoke to me at the Santa Monica farmer’s market and reminded me that with all my Franco/Anglo restaurant experience, I shouldn’t forget to bring my Latino cultural background to my culinary career.  Good advice, with L-Ray and my cookbook Our Latin Table being the dividend.  I hope all my projects bring with them authenticity and authority, as I continue to be inspired by being an entrepreneur in the restaurant business, a designer, a story teller, being a Cuban immigrant and by my love for family.

Gastro Garage

Stories of the American food truck and trailer explosion abound with culinary wit and excellence and are being told in the media almost daily.  But, who are these gastro guerillas? How did they build their truck dreams? Where does their culinary truck hunger come from?   What is the origin story of these culinary and entrepreneurial free spirits?!   Gastro Garage wants to take you under the hood of these rolling restaurants and taste the grease and metal along with the cuisine to experience an entrepreneur’s  hunger to construct and cook on wheels.  From vision to garage to bon appetit!

Gastro Garage
Cooking under Construction!

East Side King

Truckilicious produced an opening segment about an Austin food truck phenomenon; East Side King.  At the time the chef Paul Qui was working at Tyson Cole’s Uchi as Chef de Cuisine and running ESK as practically a hobby, checking in with the trailer behind the Liberty  bar in Austin’s hip, latino and funky East Side every night after working his Uchi night shift! Soon after the filming of this clip Paul became chef of Tyson’s second restaurant Uchiko and then  his life was upended when he won Top Chef, Texas! Now he is in demand around the world is opening two more ESK’s and his own Eponymous restaurant, Qui. Congratulations, Paul!

East Side King
Cooking on the knife’s edge